Overgrown, debris-laden plots of land are not only an eyesore, they can be a safety and health hazard to both people and animals. By making the effort to clear the lot of dominating overgrowth, you’ll be able to enjoy more of your property, create more space to build upon or make it presentable for sale.

Low-lying bushes and invasive plants and trees are some of the most common problems of overgrowth, restricting access to valuable resources and land. With our all-encompassing lot clearing services, residents and property owners all over the Treasure Coast are able to fully utilize their property and land without the hassle and back-breaking effort of having to clear the area themselves.

From tree pruning and tree trimming to handling hedges or bushes, and garbage and debris removal, all of our services are all handled by skilled industry experts. Understanding the challenges presented by Florida’s diverse plant populations, our lot clearing team is equipped with the best equipment and tools to handle any project, regardless of the complexity or size. Tackling both residential acreage and commercial lots, we’ve effectively cleared miles of coastal area lots, beautifying the region while increasing property values.

To schedule a full assessment and free estimate regarding your lot clearing project, contact our customer care team today.