As homeowners, we typically see our trees as shady spots on hot summer days in Florida. But they also make our yards beautiful, help filter pollutants from the air, and provide so many other benefits. Spring is a critical time of year when it comes to residential trees. For the next handful of weeks, your trees will undergo a significant amount of active growth that continues into the summer. That makes springtime one of the busiest points of the year as far as tree care is concerned. In this blog post, we will cover a number of spring tree care tips in Florida, as well as how our tree service professionals can help.


Far too many trees falter in their first two years of growth due to a lack of sufficient water. Keep in mind that newly planted trees need a thorough soaking every other week. In times of dry spells, be sure to use a hose or sprinklers to water the ground around the tree from its trunk to the edge of its canopy. More mature trees, on the other hand, require different care. If you have older trees in your yard, you will want to water when the soil a foot below the surface is dry or when they show signs of wilting. Don’t forget to allow the soil to dry out between watering sessions.


Now is the perfect time to ensure that your trees have the proper nutrients to take on another Florida summer. That said, many homeowners make the mistake of using a generic fertilizer for their trees. The key to proper fertilization is matching the soil to the fertilizer. Our team at Anthony’s Tree Trimming can conduct a soil test to determine this match. You may be wondering how often you should apply fertilizer to your tree. For best results, apply traditional fertilizer every spring and slow-release ones every two years. Either fertilizer should spread beneath the tree’s canopy starting several feet from the trunk. Be careful, though, as applying fertilizer to dry soil can lead to injury to the roots.

Tree Pruning

Now is the time to prune conifers like cypress and juniper, as well as trees that flower in summer, such as magnolia and myrtle. Feel free to hold off on flowering fruit trees until after the blossoms fade to prune. Do you have dead and dying limbs on your trees at the moment? If so, you may want to call our local tree service to see what we can do for your trees. The purpose of tree trimming and pruning is to ultimately prevent the spread of decay. But as you may know from past experience, trimming large trees presents a number of challenges for homeowners. The use of power tools, ladders, and other specialized equipment can compromise not only your safety but also the safety of the tree. That’s why our tree company recommends that homeowners consult with professionals to handle these tasks. Though routine tree cutting is a time-sensitive issue, it requires the guidance and expertise of a professional.

You can feel at ease knowing that the experts at Anthony’s are ISA-certified in both commercial tree service and residential tree service. Our team can easily prune and/or trim your trees to enhance their natural form. The result is that your tree reaps the benefits of healthy growth while improving its appearance.

Tree Removal

Unfortunately, pruning and trimming are unable to save some trees, making removal the only option. When you contact us, our skilled arborists will thoroughly assess the tree(s) in question, as well as the surrounding landscape and affected structures. From there, we will create a customized plan for removal. We take pride in owning our own equipment, which cuts the cost of tree removal drastically. Our certified arborists handle your tree removal project with the utmost care, abiding by a strict code of ethics. The number one priority at Anthony’s Tree Trimming is to protect the health and safety of your family, home, or commercial building. There’s no doubt that we take every tree removal project seriously.

Insect and Pest Control

This time of year in Florida can attract insects and pests that cause long-lasting damage to your trees. If you look close enough, you may find leaking sap, peeling bark, and holes in leaves that are common signs of infestations. While your first instinct may be to spray the tree with a fungicide, it’s imperative that you talk with an experienced tree company first before taking things into your own hands. One of our arborists can point out why the tree is weak and can recommend the best solution. Again, if we see that tree removal is the lone option, we will handle the situation with quality and efficiency.   

The Difference with Anthony’s Tree Trimming

Anthony’s continues to spruce up trees in the yards of many Vero Beach homeowners. But our team isn’t just limited to trimming and pruning, however. If your yard is in need of a refreshed look, turn to us for landscape design. Whether that means adding gardening beds, decorative plants, shrubbery, walkways, or patio decks, we can transform your current yard into a beautiful, highly functional outdoor space.

We are also well-versed in lot clearing. If your property is filled with overgrown, debris-laden plots of land and invasive plants, it could be time for some heavy-duty cleanup. Anthony’s Tree Trimming not only restores your space but makes it presentable for sale or other long-term goals you may have.

For the highest quality of tree service, call us today and get your free estimate.